What would Tex do?

I've been watching a lot of old Tex Avery cartoons and was feeling a bit sad that they aren't making many gag driven shorts anymore so I thought it might be fun to come up with a premise for one. The Instinctive Travels and Paths of Balut. Balut is an unfertilized duck egg and an Asian delicacy. Perfect for a cartoon character. Imagine if you cross Droopy, Tweety bird and Borat. Balut, a small blue and purple bird with a filipino accent. Now what a good ol' fashion chase cartoon needs is a classic villain. Mr. Macomber is a Boston Thumb Cat. Your standard six fingered hungry predator. So the whole story goes like this; Mr. Macomber runs the waterfront piers in Boston. He terrorizes the local rats, fish and gulls. One day a boat docks. On it is an aviary. A collection of exotic oriental birds and seeming buffet for Mr. Macomber. He's just swallowed his first victim when he hears: " 'scuse mee, sur. purdon mee but doo you know where dee emfire state beelding iz?" PAN OVER to Balut wearing an "I love N.Y." t-shirt and holding a flag. Mr. Macomber vomits immediately and his lunch flies away safely. During the entire short Mr. Macomber tries to eat in peace. Balut asks for directions. It ends with Mr. Macomber emaciated. Starved Mr. Macomber coughs up a fur ball and with a knife and fork takes a bite. PAN OVER and Balut says "EWWW! Dat iz disgussting!" There it is! Mr. Macomber desperately tries to fill his belly, Balut is looking for tourist sites. Barf. Mr. Macomber is a sailor and Balut the constant tourist. A new city every episode. Fertile ground spawned from an unfertilized egg.

Now I only need to come up with the gags.

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