How Are You?-storyboard sample

A scene I storyboarded for a live-action short, currently under production, called How Are You? It was written by Susan Coyne and Martha Burns. Directed by Martha Burns.


Juanma said...

My God ,so many great posts!
I´ve missed a lot.
thanks for teh comment, hey dude what ├▒re u doing ,how would you like to work as an storyboard artist, for a project

Anthony Redoblado said...

Overall it's pretty good. I think in the first page it reads a little awkward from panels 3-4 because the axis is crossed. I think a neutral shot might be needed to communicate more fluidly. The rest on the page is well done.

I really like the pacing on the second page from panels 3-6, but it might read better if you vary the shots somehow a little more to give it a more frightening impact. I really like the vantage point and fluid like panel to panel from 7-9.

The first 3 panels are well shot on page 3. Panels 3-6 work well. I think that in panel 9 something more needs to happen in terms of story. The girl is in the closet with a heart. The character runs from this girl, but why in the last panel is the person not afraid. The face looks so neutral. I'm wondering if there are other options to end the sequence with a bang. For all the build up maybe you need another payoff.

Overall, I like the sequence.

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