Children's Books into Movies.

I'm really getting excited about all the children's books that are being made into films!
Spike Jonze & Dave Eggers are doing Where the Wild Things Are. Wes Anderson is doing Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox. Spielberg & Peter Jackson are doing Tin Tin.

When I was a kid one of my favorite books was Babar. Imagine a film about the story of Babar done seriously...

Here's my sketch.


Same ol' pimp.

Here's is a walkcycle I did back when I was at Max the Mutt, I didn't like it so I re-did it!


Maya's World!

Here's a character I design for my cousin in Vancouver. Tah-dah!


Dragon warrior.

Went to a movie the other day. Was too early- so I popped into see some scenes of Kung Fu Panda again. It inspired me.


a "Take" 3 in keys

I was playing around with designs of characters and got something that looked close to the first image. cleaned it up a bit and with his serious face i thought it would be cool to see him freak out.


Getting ready...

Just finished a new portfolio. Now I have to get ready and drop them off. GULP!

An elephant never...huh?

Just another elephant post.


like in high school

I haven't "doodled" on lined paper since high school. something about those thin blue-ish lines just brings back memories. this is an elephant i was drawing while waiting for my girlfriend. i got inspired by the elephants the house of cool guys were posting. mine is a bit anatomically off but there is something there i thought was worth posting.