A complicated pan and plan.

Below is a series of sketches/ boards for an idea based on the Chicken Little story. It starts off with a complicated pan setting up the familiar story points of the classic children's fable.

Chicken Little believes that "the sky is falling" and runs back to tell the rest of the coup. They all start to freak in a series of gags. One lays an egg, another climbs back into an empty egg shell, another is wearing a sandwich board with the words the end is near written on it, etc. The apocolyptic paranoia is interrupted by a single acorn rolling into frame. Chicken Little turns and sees where the acorn came from. "We need to do something about this." Chicken Little declares. X-DISSOLVE TO....

... a dean pan chicken counting to three. ZOOM OUT and all the chickens are yanking out a tree. Cheers! CUT TO a shot directly pointed at the sun. Lens flare and all. A series of shots showing the chickens basting under the sun. One chicken comments that it it so hot that it will "...melt the polar ice caps". End with an ominous up shot of Chicken Little: "We need to do something about this."


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