The PUGLY's was a freelance animation/ design gig I got through my cousin www.jeedub.com. I have no idea where the name came from but they made it pretty obvious they wanted a pug for a logo. I came up with this snooty looking guy. They O.K.'d it. And I was done. Later they asked for some animation to be incorporated into the website. So with my cousin, we plotted out some stuff for the dog to do. A walk cycle intro to the site and little animated sequences every time you clicked one of the buttons. Here they are, all strung together...

Here are some pose sheets.

-so that's what the dog USED to look like. This year, they got someone in to redesign him. I have no idea who- but it looks more like a "logo" now. I'm a bit peeved, I guess that's how freelancing goes. www.pugawards.com

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